The Rooted in Advocacy Conference

The Rooted in Advocacy conference includes a full day of sessions and networking events designed to strengthen the bonds between all who encounter and support people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in their life and work: educators, attorneys, Guardian ad Litems, caregivers, direct support staff, chapters, and families.

Self advocates will have a full day of content that they told us represents the issues most important to them this year.
Through large and small group sessions, keynote speakers, and networking events, you will strengthen the bond between the I/DD professional community, direct support staff, chapters, families, and self-advocates; ultimately, this is what helps communities become more inclusive.

I attended sessions about supported living and supported employment. I will share the information with other self-advocates that I learned from these sessions. The supported living session made me think about and feel like I could live on my own with some support in the future. I really enjoyed the dinner and dance on Friday night.

- Jasmine Calhoun


The Arc of North Carolina is your statewide advocacy organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  

The Arc strengthens people with disabilities, their parents, family members, and dedicated professionals by connecting them across our national network of community based chapters. We are the nation’s leading advocate for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families and the premier provider of the supports and services you want and need.

We are excited to host the Rooted in Advocacy conference every March in North Carolina.  To learn more about The Arc of North Carolina, click here.  
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