Scholarship Information

Funding to Attend the 2020 RIA Conference

Innovations Waiver Participants

Innovations Waiver participants can seek funding for the full conference registration, but you must reach out to your care coordinator at least 90 days before the conference in order to process the request.

To help us track these registrations and help with follow-up, please enter the name of the care coordinator as well as the LME/MCO who will help facilitate RIA conference attendance and payment during the registration process.

Rossi Fund

As of January 8th, The Rossi Fund is closed for requests for the Rooted in Advocacy conference.

Jean Wolff-Rossi Fund for Participant Involvement.  Through the Rossi Fund, individuals with I/DD and their family members can receive reimbursement for specific expenses for seminars and conferences (such as the RIA Conference) designed to improve their knowledge, networking, and skill levels for advocating.

If you are a self-advocate or family member of a person with I/DD and would like a scholarship to the conference, you must FIRST reach out to the DD Council and request funding through the Rossi Fund, which is found here.
Funds are on a first-come, first-served basis; do not wait until the last minute.

If you have received confirmation of a scholarship via the DD Council’s Rossi Fund, please enter your full name and the total amount received when prompted during registration.

Other Scholarships

If you have exhausted all other scholarship or funding opportunities and you still would like to attend the RIA conference, we have a limited number of registration-only scholarships available (not hotel, meals, or travel), as well as a promotional code for discounted registration.

Please email us at and make the specific request.

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